wild hog fencing

WILD HOG FENCING was designed with your landscape in mind. Our rolling hills and topography lend themselves to beautiful views and panoramic landscapes. Wild Hog Fencing is the CLEAR choice.

Our Process

We utilize the most advanced manufacturing methods available, delivering our customers high quality, durable, and beautiful products that are available on the market today.

Thorough Prep

Each panel receives a 4 stage phosphate bath with a de-ionized water rinse.


A zinc-rich 2-coat primer is applied that helps reduce corrosion and ensures durability.

Powder Coated

A top quality powder coat finish is applied in a Black Hog finish.

Fencing Styles

Our fencing panels are available in 6 gauge Black, Tahoe Hog, and Smoky Mountain Hog styles.

*Custom sizing/styles available in orders of 100+ panels.

Colors Black
Mesh Type 4″ x 4″ with welded cross points
Wire Size 0.189-0.195″
Material Type 6 gauge steel (zinc primed and powder coated)
Colors Powder Coated Matte Black
Mesh Type 4″ x 4″ woven steel
Wire Size 3/8″
Material Type 3/8″ thick steel (zinc primed & powder coated)
Colors Black
Mesh Type 4″ x 4″ woven wire crimped at cross points
Wire Size 1/4″
Material Type Steel (zinc primed and powder coated)

Fencing Sizes

We offer our fencing panels in 8’w x 6’h and 5’w x 6’h.


Wild Hog fencing